The autumn garden harvest: kitchen table to kitchen art

The herbs in my English country garden are in full bloom. The beauty with these things is that they grow really well with little to no attention. The humans of the house pick out the weeds when we remember to, the cats fertilise them (don't run too wild with your imagination lol) and finally when the heat of the summer sun cools just a smidgeon, it is time for the plants to bloom and boy do they bloom!

Thyme, rosemary and oregano
Fresh thyme, rosemary and oregano were the herbs of choice for a pretty tasty lemon and herb roast chicken and the carrots in the roasting tin really tasted divine! I did think that they looked so pretty that they should be immortalised for all to see. I therefore saved a sprig from each and turned them into some kitchen art prints for my store -(find them all here)

My very own organic thyme transformed into a kitchen print

Oregano is truly a lovely herb with very pretty flowers but I saved those for the bees and this lovely green one for my kitchen decor collection
Naturally I had to put a little bit of a scientific twist on it in the form of adding the scientific or Latin naming for each herb to each I can say it is a pretty clever design as per the moniker for Paper Whispers!

Sorcery - Cotton Candy Grapes at Sainsburys

There is nothing more to say, this is modern day sorcery.......these cotton candy grapes actually do taste like cotton candy.

A wishing tree - tales from the shires!

So Paper Whispers is based is sunny Nottingham which is in Nottinghamshire. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, you will know of the shires! Really and truly the idea of middle earth was found right here in the aptly named midlands! Of course I would love to design a Lord of the Rings type product and it would be awesome but sadly it is still under copyright and I am not able to until!

So failing that, here is a taste of what you can find in the shires! A wishing tree! The concept is the same as a wishing well, where you toss a penny and make your wish. However, if you visit the Peak District (technically in Derbyshire) can find a wishing tree where you press your penny into a tree and make a wish!

The wishing tree in the Peak District
Close up view of a penny pressed into the tree bark
There are other delights too that you can find in my neck of the woods and slowly but surely, I will reveal them all!

A Tale of Subtlety - Destination Wedding Seating Charts

Let us play a game of spot the difference! Our protagonist is the world map seating chart. This design is perfect for a destination wedding or a travel themed wedding but subtle design differences make it possible to spin the seating chart into a personalised one of a kind creation.

1. The very first design

This is the classic which started it all. It is more formal with the name of the bride and groom taking centre stage in the title.

 The very first world map seating chart from Paper Whispers

2. The map takes centre stage

To contrast the classic first design, this next one is based on a customer request to move the table name boxes away from the map. They are therefore placed around the perimeter of the map and the map takes centre stage.

Customised wedding seating chart with the world map at the centre for a destination wedding
3. The Airmail One

Many of my designs are based around customer requests and in this case the customer requested an airmail theme. I have already featured this one before on the blog, but it deserves its place here again because it is quite special to me!

Airmail Travel Theme Wedding Table Plan
4. The Fun One

Once more a customer requested a seating chart with a heading, 'Where in the world are you sitting?' I thought this was so much fun! It is just a change in title but it really has a way of tying up the world travel theme together for the seating chart.

Where in world are you sitting? A seating chart with a difference!
The great thing though is that you can mix and match any elements of the seating charts that you like to create one that suits your wedding! All of the seating charts can be found in my shop - here!

The etsy treasury is dead.......long live the treasury!

If you don't already know, that handmade (for some of us..cough) marketplace that is Etsy, promised that they would not get rid of the treasury. Treasuries were (speaking in a mournful past tense here, even though they do technically still exist!) a collection of 16 items that any etsy account holder can form. These many treasuries used to be trawled through by some brave person at etsy and they would extract quite often some really beautiful ones to be featured on the front page.

Of course as with all good things they did end up being exploited with some teams specialising in getting an incredible (READ: FALSE) number of views and therefore pushing the popularity of their treasuries such that genuinely beautiful and popular treasuries were very hard to spot. Naturally there were still a large number of genuine groups producing treasuries but I guess the bigwigs at Etsy got tired of it and while treasuries still exist, they have been very much pushed to the back of the queue in terms of bringing views to etsy shops.

Anyway, I used to love making treasuries and adhered to all the previous rules (e.g not featuring your own items etc) but now I am tearing up the rule book and making them just for the love of it. According to Etsy the last treasury I made was in April 2015, so after a long hiatus............long live the treasury!

You can see my Talk Nerdy to Me treasury in its full glory here. Now let me sneak off to promote it on instagram!

Long Live the Etsy Treasury!


A geeky card - periodic table style

Let me shake off my lack of enthusiasm right now! It is raining and I had to walk in the rain to get the baby girl to sleep which took 1 hour, and I am terrified that she may wake up in the next half hour before I even have a chance to sip this peppermint tea! However, on the bright side, the hydrangeas are in bloom and I am progressing on with listings in the shop.

This one is a sneak peak that is not yet present in the shop but will be shortly. It is the love equation card. Strictly speaking as a scientist it is nonsense but the idea about scientific art is to communicate a message rather than be completely accurate.

The message is, here is a cute card, it is science inspired by the periodic table, your average geek - man or woman, husband or wife will love it. (I kid you not, the baby is actually up and crying right right on cue lol!)

a geeky love equation card
Periodic table inspired card

The LGBT collection - a card for whoever you love

I am so excited, I can barely keep my bum on the chair! I am passionate about many causes and stopping discrimination is definitely one of them.

The LGBT collection is under the lens!
The inital offering was the standard boy meets girl and girl meets boy but then I had an epiphany that I should really expand it out to be for boy boy or girl girl matches too. I am all for equality of everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation!

Another outtake - the collection in full
So here I stand, very proud of my Paper Whispers LGBT collection, love whoever you love!