Happy Father's Day!

I am finally sputtering back to life after having my baby! Maternity leave is over and it is time to get back to work....wahoo! I am getting my creative juices flowing with some new Father's Day designs. As is my norm, they WILL be geeky and they WILL be quirky! You cannot expect anything less from a scientist.

Confession......I have never watched a Star Wars film (huge gasp)! My husband on the other hand is totally committed to the franchise! The latest installment - Star Wars: The Force Awakens - happened to come out during my maternity leave and the lovely hubby knowing how much work raising our little rascal is, thought he would miss out on it in the cinema! However, he did get to see it because my sister and husband to be (they are married now!) came to visit and we sent the boys out to see the film while we stayed at home and she sewed up some cushions and watched said rascal while I slept (I joke that my baby thinks that I have slept for 30 plus years previously and so I need no more sleep).

Anyway, this long story ultimately ended up in the 'Look you are my father design'........based of course on 'Luke, I am your father.' Don't ask me how I know these Star Wars phrases, I just do lol! I also know names and characters without having ever watched a film or even trailer.........amazing how much you can absorb from the ether! The card is available as a digital download from my shop - here

Star Wars Inspired Father's Day Card - A Periodic Table spin on Luke I am your father!


  1. Funny StarWars story :) I am not a big fan but watched the first 6 purely as it is a classic (the first 3 anyway) :)

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    1. Wow you are still around and working! I really admire you Estella!

  3. Such a fun card!
    Not really surprised you haven't watched Star Wars, as I believe most of us have not seen at least one movie/tv show that is immensely popular. For me it's James Bond. Never have, likely never will. :)

    1. So true, I know one person who has never seen the GOT series and I thought she was

  4. Very cool. Star Wars is very much a part of the collective subconscious now...

  5. I am also Star Wars untouched :) but I like your card.

  6. Nice version of the famous line! Like it a lot. Sort of angry I did not come up with it....
    I am not a huge fan, but have seen them all and consider them part of the classics.

  7. I have also a few workmates that haven't watch it! But as Stephanie said- there's always someone that didn't. I didn't watch Doctor Who...yetttttt! :P