It's the most wonderful time of the year

I cannot help it, when I walk into a shop and see christmas decorations, I instantaneously turn into Mariah Carey and belt out christmas songs. No, my voice is nowhere close to hers but I am blessed with the ability not to care much about others' opinions especially if one is slighted by a not very tone deaf lady who loves herself some christmas! It really is the best time of the year, people are nicer to each other, the best songs are played on repeat and of course there is the actual celebration with family. I love love it.

Anyway, that was a mini diversion to my shameless self promotion that you should now have come to expect! I have some christmas goodies that are waiting to be photographed in the studio tomorrow and will be up on sale ASAP (i.e tomorrow!). These are just sneak peaks, I hope you fall in love with them (or a very very deep like if you have an aversion for the word love and consumerism lol!)

You could do one of those generic store bought cards or turn your attention to something a little more interactive - a word search card, naturally full of christmas goodness and bound to delight geeks and non-geeks!

Test your Santa knowledge with this reindeer game, yep these set of cards is pretty perfect for any family!
Side note: OMG I just spell checked this post and Blogger suggests that I should substitute Mariah with Maria. Hang your head in shame blogger dictionary!


  1. Ha ha I would love to see you sing, I often sing very softly when a song is stuck :) Love the Ps :D

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. The cards are so cool.

  3. Looks like you have some great new cards there!
    And I love Christmas too, but not Mariah. I am stuck in 1984 with Band Aid and Wham!

  4. lovely cards! i feel a little crazy myself when Christmas is coming! ;-)

  5. Already preparing for Christmas?!? I am also a very "good"singer myself and let's admit it- Christmas is the perfect time to display our amazing vocal gifts! I secretly believe that's why carols have been invented!

  6. Great cards! And great idea!

  7. I am not ready for Christmas yet...but I guess I really should start thinking about it...if only for the shops ;) Your cards are super cool though!

  8. Lovely work!
    Maria is the most common woman's name in Spanish... maybe thats what got blogger confuse, lol!