A mid month review: June so far

1. What I am loving so far in June?

My camera! It is  Nikon D5100 and it is ace! I have had it for a while but in January on a trip to Kenya, I finally figured out how to use it properly. I love this camera, pretty sure though most SLR owners who figure out what iso settings and shutter speeds do will realise the true power of their cameras regardless of brand!

My pictures went from this...

To this...

And this...

A baby croc in Kenya - Amazing detail in the full large pic, right down to the keeper's fingerprint!

And this...

This is a fully grown turtle (possibly tortoise)  too excited about the iso settings working, but I do recall the fully grown bit!

2. What I am disliking so far in June?

The peonies in my garden bloom into these beautiful huge blossoms over a week and then they just die! How can I wait all year long for just one week? The annoying thing is that a house down the road still has its peonies and those are not even staked! Pray tell, what sorcery is this? Why do mine die?

 One of the magical peony blooms captured before it disappeared

 3. What I did well so far in June?

I opened shop, put in some of my products and did all the social media promotions! I know we are only two weeks in but I am operating on 4-6 hours of sleep and a baby who thinks my breast is an extension of her body! I have met my goal of putting up at least 5 products a week, so long may this spirit of work reign!

4. What could I do better?

Accounting, sleeping, exercise, getting my little one to sleep on her own, promoting my work even more........well the list could go on but Rome was not built in a day, we will get there!

5. What product from someone else's shop am I loving?

This beauty from Polixeni19 on etsy (as a matter of fact, pretty much all of the dreamcatchers in that shop). I also love the sea background for many of the pictures, just feels so idyllic! May your dreams always be bigger than your fears!

And now........to feed the baby her dinner! We are having a Kenyan beef stew with rice (yes she eats what I eat, I just add salt to mine.......or if I am lazy and have forgotten the salt shaker, complain about how a little pinch of salt would be great but gobble down the food anyway!).


  1. Oh, yes. Getting to know your camera really makes a difference in your pictures and yours are great. That is my favorite dreamcatcher from Xenia's shop, too.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I wish I could travel there just to test my camera :P :)))

  3. I'd say any camera can do great pictures if you know how to use the settings properly. I learned on a bridge camera to properly use settings, so when I first upgraded to a dslr, I wasn't that impressed. Later I learned that great lenses are important too :D
    And congrats on your month so far! You seem to have been rather productive :)

  4. You are a super woman! I was like a walking dead when my boy was a baby (from sleep deprivation). You are doing great!
    Love the pictures from your trip! (And Xenias dreamcatcher!)

  5. Yes, the magic of the camera, when you find out is amazing :) Love the turtle picture.
    Take it easy with your shop and enjoy your little girl, while she is little.

  6. Gorgeous pictures, learning how to use your camera properly takes time but is rewarding!
    Love the little crocodile!