A periodic table wedding seating chart: Science inspired wedding

I finally did it! Prior to getting pregnant, I was working on this periodic table seating chart. I am a scientist so of course anything geeky appeals to me! Like these chemistry inspired drinks for a bridal shower.......how genius, as a matter of fact, do drop by petite christine where these images came from!

Science inspired wedding cocktails?

No better way to serve up a drink to a scientist than in a flask.....of course!
My new little motto is 'pretty clever design' and I would like to think that my wedding seating chart which looks like a periodic table is the epitome of exactly that! Naturally, it will change depending on guest numbers but you get the idea.....right? The template is available to purchase in my shop - here!

A periodic table inspired wedding seating chart from Paper Whispers


  1. This science inspired "drinking service sets! are sooooo cool, not to mention the periodic table! i am looking forward to more clever pretty designs.

  2. oooh! That looks SO cool!
    I never wanted to marry (and still don't) but if I would, I'd go for a science-theme :D

  3. Very cool idea. And the drinks in the flasks are great.

  4. Cool wedding theme! Love your new seating chart!

  5. That's very cool...and it could work for a Breaking Bad themed wedding too ;) (just kidding, I really, really hope there won't ever be any Breaking Bad weddings LOL)