Fathers Day - The geeky collection!

Finally my pretty clever (pun intended as always!) collection of fathers day cards and gifts is ready (my shop!). They are all printable making them perfect for those of you who want a quick delivery or if you have been busy and are doing this thing at the last minute......or woe betide you.......forgot that Fathers day is coming.

The collection covers everyone from the very new father like my lovely husband who is pretty much helping me survive the lack of sleep to the father of the teen who is ready to set off on her own adventure in life to of course the grandfather like my daddy who set the first example of what fatherhood really is.

I have thoroughly enjoyed making this collection which was sponsored by an incredible amount of tea! Side note: If you are a keen watcher of Game of Thrones *spoiler alert*, I remember rolling my eyes a few episodes back when they referred to Daenerys as 'the unburnt' especially since it had not been recently referenced. I immediately predicted there would be an 'immolation' scene, and I was right. Well..........now that I have mentioned tea, do expect to see a design featuring said libation.......and yes it will be GEEKY!

The Paper Whispers Fathers Day Collection - A geeky selection of cards and gifts for new dads as well as for grandads!


  1. I have only seen half the collection of the geeky father's day cards but my favorite is (so far) the new daddy. Very well put. :) ... and designed, of course.

  2. Such fun cards!
    Ah yes Game of Thrones *sigh*

  3. Love your father days cards! Especially the one starting as Nappy changer :)

  4. Great cards! I wish you many sales!