A geeky card - periodic table style

Let me shake off my lack of enthusiasm right now! It is raining and I had to walk in the rain to get the baby girl to sleep which took 1 hour, and I am terrified that she may wake up in the next half hour before I even have a chance to sip this peppermint tea! However, on the bright side, the hydrangeas are in bloom and I am progressing on with listings in the shop.

This one is a sneak peak that is not yet present in the shop but will be shortly. It is the love equation card. Strictly speaking as a scientist it is nonsense but the idea about scientific art is to communicate a message rather than be completely accurate.

The message is, here is a cute card, it is science inspired by the periodic table, your average geek - man or woman, husband or wife will love it. (I kid you not, the baby is actually up and crying right now.........like right on cue lol!)

a geeky love equation card
Periodic table inspired card


  1. Those are cute and clever...always a nice combo :)

  2. Very clever like you're whole collection inspired by the periodic table!