A world map travel themed wedding seating chart - airmail style!

Some of the best ideas are really not my own! I often build up collections based on ideas that my customers request. In this case one customer request a border with an airmail envelope style. I thought a border around the whole seating chart is not that interesting but perhaps each of the tables instead can have the airmail envelope border. I thought too about putting postmarks like stamps etc, but in the end decided that a simple clean envelope style with a map in matching colours would work best.

I am still wondering though if I should add the stamps, or would it be indeed a bit of an overkill.....what do you think?

The original - a world map travel themed wedding seating chart

I loved this variation too, the customer wanted a colour gradient to match her wedding colours
You can find the design in my shop linked above, or if you are a bit lazy - here!


  1. Wonderful design! I would have loved this one for my wedding!

  2. I think it would both work with and without the stamps...or maybe make a vintage version with stamps (Indiana Jones style).

  3. Love the colors of the second! Stamps might be over kill, but maybe worth the try?

  4. Vrey cool idea! Seems perfect for a pair of travel lovers!

  5. I love the stamp idea! I think it is fit to the airmail:)