The etsy treasury is dead.......long live the treasury!

If you don't already know, that handmade (for some of us..cough) marketplace that is Etsy, promised that they would not get rid of the treasury. Treasuries were (speaking in a mournful past tense here, even though they do technically still exist!) a collection of 16 items that any etsy account holder can form. These many treasuries used to be trawled through by some brave person at etsy and they would extract quite often some really beautiful ones to be featured on the front page.

Of course as with all good things they did end up being exploited with some teams specialising in getting an incredible (READ: FALSE) number of views and therefore pushing the popularity of their treasuries such that genuinely beautiful and popular treasuries were very hard to spot. Naturally there were still a large number of genuine groups producing treasuries but I guess the bigwigs at Etsy got tired of it and while treasuries still exist, they have been very much pushed to the back of the queue in terms of bringing views to etsy shops.

Anyway, I used to love making treasuries and adhered to all the previous rules (e.g not featuring your own items etc) but now I am tearing up the rule book and making them just for the love of it. According to Etsy the last treasury I made was in April 2015, so after a long hiatus............long live the treasury!

You can see my Talk Nerdy to Me treasury in its full glory here. Now let me sneak off to promote it on instagram!

Long Live the Etsy Treasury!



  1. Must say I didn't make any treasury for a long time. Shame on me .

  2. It is a pitty that threasuries are no longer featured. Your selection is great.

  3. It is sad but I think treasuries still look good on Social Media:) Like yours:)

  4. Wonderful collection! I miss front page with Treasurie!

  5. I haven't made one in ages either, it is a pity that they are 'gone'.
    Love your nerdy treasury :)