A Tale of Subtlety - Destination Wedding Seating Charts

Let us play a game of spot the difference! Our protagonist is the world map seating chart. This design is perfect for a destination wedding or a travel themed wedding but subtle design differences make it possible to spin the seating chart into a personalised one of a kind creation.

1. The very first design

This is the classic which started it all. It is more formal with the name of the bride and groom taking centre stage in the title.

 The very first world map seating chart from Paper Whispers

2. The map takes centre stage

To contrast the classic first design, this next one is based on a customer request to move the table name boxes away from the map. They are therefore placed around the perimeter of the map and the map takes centre stage.

Customised wedding seating chart with the world map at the centre for a destination wedding
3. The Airmail One

Many of my designs are based around customer requests and in this case the customer requested an airmail theme. I have already featured this one before on the blog, but it deserves its place here again because it is quite special to me!

Airmail Travel Theme Wedding Table Plan
4. The Fun One

Once more a customer requested a seating chart with a heading, 'Where in the world are you sitting?' I thought this was so much fun! It is just a change in title but it really has a way of tying up the world travel theme together for the seating chart.

Where in world are you sitting? A seating chart with a difference!
The great thing though is that you can mix and match any elements of the seating charts that you like to create one that suits your wedding! All of the seating charts can be found in my shop - here!


  1. Although I love them all, I like the airmail one best! (it's blue! :D)

  2. Very interesting information.Success in the works!

  3. It is amazing to see one idea in 4 design. My favorite is the airmail too:)

  4. l love these charts, l love maps so l find them great :)