A wishing tree - tales from the shires!

So Paper Whispers is based is sunny Nottingham which is in Nottinghamshire. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, you will know of the shires! Really and truly the idea of middle earth was found right here in the aptly named midlands! Of course I would love to design a Lord of the Rings type product and it would be awesome but sadly it is still under copyright and I am not able to until 2044..........lol!

So failing that, here is a taste of what you can find in the shires! A wishing tree! The concept is the same as a wishing well, where you toss a penny and make your wish. However, if you visit the Peak District (technically in Derbyshire).......you can find a wishing tree where you press your penny into a tree and make a wish!

The wishing tree in the Peak District
Close up view of a penny pressed into the tree bark
There are other delights too that you can find in my neck of the woods and slowly but surely, I will reveal them all!


  1. Wonderful! I have to go visit that wishing tree sometime in my life!
    But I have many things on my list now, so it might have to wait a while...

  2. I didn't knew that such tree existed! But I like all places that can attract fairies and other beings... so yeah..I would love to see it!

  3. Oh, didn't know about this! Love the pictures you made! Looking forward to see more!

  4. oooh wow! this is incredible! It's such an artwork in itself. I love how time wraps around the coins.
    Thank you so much for sharing!