Arnold Schwarzenegger, a vegetarian dinner (almost), Dr.Phil, Steve Harvey and a rosemary print

What a title! Are you curious how Arnie, my dinner, Dr. Phil, Steve Harvey and some herb prints are related? Haha, now that I have your attention, let me explain. First, I am a very committed meat eater. I had one tiny deviation from my meat commitment in my 20's when I tried to be a vegetarian for a week (lol, a whole week!). I saw a documentary on the very cruel fur trade and thought the logical thing would be to give up meat entirely. However, my body seriously rebelled, I lost 6kg (12ish pounds) was constantly hungry and tired despite consuming vast amounts of potatoes, bread and eggs and then stuffing 5 million vegetables, fruits and water to try to pack away the hunger. I just didn't have the stamina for the vegetarian life!

However, here is where we bring in Arnie, I do agree with Arnold Schwarzenegger that really we do need to reduce our consumption of meat for ecological reasons.  You can read the full article here - Stop Eating Meat and Save The Planet

What a cheesy photo of Arnie, gotta love the 80's?

My hubby, however, is just not on board with vegetarian meals so we have reached a strange compromise! I love this roasted butternut squash and caramelized onion tart - recipe here from epicurious. I tasted it at a friend's house and have been trying to perfect it to my own taste - no bread crust, little less butter, more equal cheese ratios, perfecting the tart casing etc. It is really anything with 3 types of cheese should be! It is a vegetarian recipe but to get hubby to eat it, half of the tart has bacon pieces put into it making a vegetarian and non-vegetarian combo. In a sense it is not a steak dinner, so there is some meat consumption reduction of sorts which is the best I can do with the man of the house at the moment! If you are wondering the bacon side tastes anything with bacon should!

This is the vegetarian side of the tart, the pieces you see are actually the caramelised onion, not bacon!

Finally if you have ever watched an episode of Dr.Phil or Steve Harvey, you will see that plugging yourself is highly recommended for daytime TV. If you have an interested audience who came to see one thing, don't forget to shamelessly advertise your own brand, just make sure it kind of, sort of links in to the thing the audience came to see. I am therefore pinching a leaf from this tree and is my rosemary print available now as part of the new Kitchen Art or Kitchen Decor in my shop! My tart above contained rosemary and thyme fresh from my garden (can I get a hand clap for linking this in?). I hope you enjoyed my shameless self promotion because I enjoyed crafting this tale, purely to show you my print.........haha!

Kitchen Art - Rosemary herb print from Paper Whispers


  1. Convinced vegetarian here (though I cheat and eat fish and mussels once in a while) :) Just replacing protein with dairy and eggs never worked for me either, I need the combo of beans/lentils/ peas/avocado/nuts for my protein intake.

  2. I'm living with a vegetarian and he cooks most of the time, so I'm turning to vegetarian. It is a collateral "damage" :)

  3. From Arnie to rosemary, so fun! :D

  4. I'm not vegetarian but I eat meat only once a week. Thanks for recipe. I will try it! ....and rosemary print is very beautiful!

  5. Another committed meat eater here :) I can wait until the lab-grown meat is on the market so that I can finally sip my guilt feelings... Its probably gonna take a several years, but I'm optimistic in my waiting :D

  6. That title is quite something!
    Yaaay for eating less meat! I don't eat it much also due to eco reasons.
    Lovely Rosemary print!

  7. I would love to try the hubbie's part of this tart... because... bacon, i mean... BACON!!!!!!!!!
    Non kidding, i also try my best to reduce protein and we have 7 chickens here to provide all the eggs we need to cook with less meat, but Bacon is still something i love too much!

  8. Your compromise with the tart sounds like the pizzas we sometimes make. :-)
    Love that kitchen print!

  9. Eating healthier is always a big question. I'm not a big meat lover but not a vegetarian either. One of the best thing in fall is the squash and pumpkin. thanks for sharing a recipe:)