The autumn garden harvest: kitchen table to kitchen art

The herbs in my English country garden are in full bloom. The beauty with these things is that they grow really well with little to no attention. The humans of the house pick out the weeds when we remember to, the cats fertilise them (don't run too wild with your imagination lol) and finally when the heat of the summer sun cools just a smidgeon, it is time for the plants to bloom and boy do they bloom!

Thyme, rosemary and oregano
Fresh thyme, rosemary and oregano were the herbs of choice for a pretty tasty lemon and herb roast chicken and the carrots in the roasting tin really tasted divine! I did think that they looked so pretty that they should be immortalised for all to see. I therefore saved a sprig from each and turned them into some kitchen art prints for my store -(find them all here)

My very own organic thyme transformed into a kitchen print

Oregano is truly a lovely herb with very pretty flowers but I saved those for the bees and this lovely green one for my kitchen decor collection
Naturally I had to put a little bit of a scientific twist on it in the form of adding the scientific or Latin naming for each herb to each I can say it is a pretty clever design as per the moniker for Paper Whispers!


  1. Love your prints. I wish I had garden. This year I did not do much of my window gardening, so next year I must improve agin.

  2. it looks really nice. I love the simplicity! great idea!

  3. Wonderful prints! I would actually need them to recognize the herbs...

  4. Cool prints! and I love herbs so much, nothing better than roasted veggies drizzled with olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs!