She is One!

So little Miss Paper Whispers turned the big magic number ONE! Woohoo! Here is our tale mostly in pictures!

Madame started the day by picking her own clothes (i.e threw all the clothes out of the drawers and then hugged the butterfly costume). So I decided she wanted to be a butterfly for the day! It is a gorgeous piece from BHB Kidstyle!

Our little butterfly!

We went to White Post Farm in Nottingham and if I am honest and you are considering this as a possible birthday venue, please prepare to be underwhelmed. It costs nearly 10 pounds per adult to enter and the best part about it was the meerkats and reptiles neither or which are actually farm animals. Now there are farm animals there too but to be honest the barn is very stinky and the outside area where some pigs, goats and cows are is really so small that you are pretty much done with your farm tour in about 20 minutes. You do get to feed the animals (provided you fork out another 3 pounds). I would not moan so much had the price been half of what was charged.

However, cranky as I may sound, I enjoyed the day because it was my girl's first birthday and that is what counts!

A healthy looking meerkat

Some birdies at White Post Farm

Piece de resistance - A bearded dragon taken through a finger print covered window no less, how good was that shot!

Dad baked her a cake and I decorated it. It was a sacher torte with white chocolate cigarellos or cigarillos and some hand made chocolate roses. It was a mini cake for a mini birthday......just slightly bigger than a traditional cupcake

Home made sacher torte with white cigarellos
Finally I gained some inspiration from seeing her in that pretty butterfly costume and made a mirror image butterfly print for a baby nursery (in the shop now!), although to be honest, it can equally look good in any room. Hers is in black and orange to match her current colour scheme - you can see it on instagram - here . Naturally if you read the last post, this was always going to end in a shameless self promotion!

The butterfly print from Paper Whispers


  1. That's one extremely cute little butterfly you have there! The cake is amazing too!

  2. Awww that butterfly costume, how adorable is that?!
    The cake looks very sophisticated and love that you got inspired to make a butterfly :)
    The farm is indeed a rip off, but glad you had a great time!

  3. So cute little butterfly, delicious cake and beautiful illustrations!

  4. Happy birthday to the little miss! And it is a lovely butterfly print!

  5. happy birthday to your little one!!!
    And yes, that bearded dragon picture is incredible!
    the cake too, btw. ^^

  6. Happy Birthday to your Little Butterfly!!! I love your butterfly prints!

  7. Happy birthday to the little butterfly! The cake looks delicious and the print is lovely too.