Circle Time with Ms. Monica - A review

We have a new fun channel that both my 2 year old and 4 year old love! It is Circle Time with Ms.Monica.



I found this channel as part of my drive to ensure that my children actively see specifically black people in all aspects of their life. I have the advantage of growing up in Kenya where pretty much everyone was black like me and I never limited my thoughts on what I wanted to be or do because of the colour of my skin. Now that we are living in UK, I am very aware that racism is a major issue and it is my view that it is necessary for all children and especially black children to be aware that they can do anything they want to. In some cases this will require them to be trail blazers but in other times they CAN see and study the examples.

At first glance

The first comment my 2 year old had was, 'Mummy she is brown like you!' An interesting note is that my kids refuse to say that I am black because the colour of my skin is brown. As my 4 year old said, 'Bing is black (please google Bing - a cartoon character), Mummy you are brown.' I understand what they are saying and to be honest I have come round to the idea of race being a social construct because of reading the many wonderful books by Angela Saini, but that is a conversation I will have with them another day!

The review

Back to the review! The girls were fully engaged in the class and it was truly like Ms. Monica was in the room. They also kept repeating the lessons through the day and when I asked my 4 year old what she wanted for her writing practice later in the afternoon, she said words that sound like F, again from the lesson.

In summary, the class is really well structured for young learners. Monica is well prepared and interactive which is amazing given she doesn't have actual kids in the video but my girls felt like she was talking to them. I would say that as the parent, I encouraged them to focus and participate, if you have an active 4 year old like I do, you may find that when excited, she can start jumping or talking, so much like an actual class, I do support the learning by getting them to focus again. My 2 year old has an unusually high concentration level for her age, so she did not tail off at any point.

Homeschooling for me is not about shunning traditional teaching but rather looking for teaching techniques that allow children to engage in the material. Ms. Monica fits the bill and is a firm part of our routine now.

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