About Me

I am Dr. Ruby Zelzer (Dr. Ruby on Twitter). I run Paper Whispers. I have a PhD in Material Science but my research focus is now on metadata analysis for the purpose of eradicating systemic and institutional racism. My own special interest is the inclusion of Black women in academia.

For Universities, Funding Bodies, NHS Trusts, Schools, Non Profits and Private Organisations

I am happy to be contacted about EDI data analysis and speaker requests about systemic and institutional racism in academia, NHS and schools in UK. I am also open for discussions on collaborative work.

Please note that I do not provide anti-racism training. I would be happy to recommend to you Black led organisations that may be able to accommodate that request.

For General Queries

If you have reached here via Twitter (https://twitter.com/PaperWhispers), welcome! If my running list of Black women professors brought you here, please do let me know if you see any announcements that I have not highlighted.

For Black PhD candidates in UK

If you a Black undergraduate student in UK who is thinking about doing a PhD in UK, please do keep an eye on Twitter as I do amplify announcements of schemes that are specifically for Black UK residents. If you would like to find a mentor as a Black PhD student, please do get in touch. I do not directly offer any mentorship but I can refer you to academics and organisations that may be able to help you

You can contact me via email - admin@paperwhispers.com.