About Me

I am Ruby. Mama to two brilliant girls. Wife to the best husband in the world. Scientist (PhD and all). Passionate Teacher. Avid Student. Immigrant (oh that dirty word!)

Where is your photo?

You will not find any pictures of me or my family as I don't upload my photos in any public forum. Yes I am bit of freak about privacy, but the stories I have heard!

What is this blog about?

I have a lot of passions! At the top of my current list is homeschooling and essentially teaching children to want to see evidence, know facts and essentially appliance the scientific method to their lives.

I aƶspwant to be a voice for a better academia. I intend to tackle hard topics like bullying in academia but to balance it out, I also want to highlight how not to be a bad PhD student.

My other passions revolve around science communication to the general public as I feel alot of high quality University research is lost in translation. I think the current climate in the world where people choose not to believe evidence is a sad state and we as scientists need to invest the time to explain simple things like how we carry out experiments and observations in order to obtain facts. I also think we need to challenge scientists who promote pseudoscience.

I am in the business of speaking the truth unabashedly, if you have a story to share with me especially on my lead topic of bullying in academia, see you in the DMs on twitter!

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